Beijing warned of a possible outbreak of war on the Korean Peninsula

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The conflict around North Korea could begin at any moment. This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi, his words reports The South China Morning Post.

“Recently, tensions have intensified. One gets the impression that the conflict may flare up at any time. If there is a war, everyone will lose — the winners of such an outcome can not be”, — said the head of depodesta the PRC. According to him, the one who starts the conflict must assume their historical responsibility and be prepared to pay the price.

Earlier, on 14 April, NBC News, citing sources in the intelligence community, the US announced that Washington is ready to launch a preemptive strike on military targets in North Korea, if Pyongyang decides for another nuclear test.

According to them, North Korea may conduct another test in the coming weekend, and to prevent this, 500 kilometers from the North Korean nuclear test site the U.S. Navy has deployed two destroyers equipped with cruise missiles “Tomahawk”. In addition, if necessary, to strike connects heavy bombers, located on the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean.

In early April, U.S. President Donald trump in an interview with The Financial Times said that the US alone will deal with the nuclear problem of North Korea, if China is not going to do that.

Starting in 2016, North Korea has launched more than 20 ballistic missiles and conducted two nuclear tests, which violate the resolutions of the UN security Council.