At the station of the Moscow underground the man puffed backpack

The man on Baumanskaya station of the Moscow metro puffed backpack. On Friday, April 14, a spokesman for the police Department in the subway Alexey Myshlyaev, reports RIA Novosti.

The incident happened in the morning. “As a result of incident nobody has suffered”, — said the Myshlyaev. He said that in the backpack of a passenger subway were the battery and the screws.

On 19 January it was reported smoke at the station “Novokuznetskaya”. Network users post photos and videos of the incident. The official cause of the incident have not been named, but the source of “Interfax” expressed the assumption that the smoke could drag off the street.

In November last year, passengers of suburban trains in the station area Solntsevo were evacuated because of smoke in one of the cars. The cause of the smoke was a short circuit in the car. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.