Zhirinovsky was disappointed in the trump and promised to drink to his resignation

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky drink for the impeachment of the American President Donald trump, if he continues to break his campaign promises. About it the Deputy of the state Duma said Wednesday, April 12, reports “Interfax”.

The politician said that his attitude towards the Republican has changed after the missile strike, the US on the Syrian airfield shirt on the night of 7 April. “If he violate [campaign promises], then impeachment is inevitable. Then we will drink champagne for impeachment, the resignation of this President,” — said Zhirinovsky.

The leader of the liberal Democrats also criticized Ivanka trump, the daughter and adviser of the American leader, who allegedly influenced the adoption of a decision to strike on the airfield.

“Daughter have to drive far away, no daughters, sons, sons-in-law, all of it should be banned in all countries of the world, no relatives in senior government posts,” — said Zhirinovsky (his son Igor Lebedev, a Deputy of the state Duma — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). He added that “Ivanka is going to kill daddy”.

11 APR son of the American President Eric trump told The Telegraph that the decision to strike at the airbase was partly dictated by the influence of his daughter Ivanka. The corresponding order trump gave after the Syrian opposition that the chemical attack was organized by the government troops of the Republic.

In November last year the liberal democratic party of Russia poured into the state Duma champagne in honor of the victory trump at the election of the President of the United States. Shortly before that, Zhirinovsky appealed to Americans urging them to vote for the Republican. The politician has even suggested that it may be related to trump.

Video: Vladimir Zhirinovsky Best / YouTube