Two-meter Python-addict-educated in the Australian prison

Two-meter Python-addict-educated in the Australian prison

In the Australian prison cured two-meter Python that is addicted to drugs.

In Australia a two-meter Python was cured from drug addiction. This publication reports the Northern Star.

The Python lived in a clandestine laboratory, manufacturing methamphetamine. Chemical fumes and into the air particles of the drugs turned him into a drug addict. After police RAID the reptile fell into the hands of law enforcement. She was sent to the center for animals at the large prison complex in Sydney.

According to an employee of the center of Ian Mitchell, the first snake was acting nervous, aggressive and unpredictable. Unlike other pythons, which, as a rule, calm and slow, it is continually crawling in the container in which it was placed.

It took seven months to reptile completely got rid of drug addiction. He is now looking for a new host.

On 5 April it was reported that in the South American state of Florida caught the dark tiger Python, whose length is five meters and a weight of 65 kilograms.