The personality has arranged explosion near a Church in Alexandria suicide

Egyptian authorities identified the suicide bomber exploded a bomb near a Church in Alexandria. As reported on Wednesday, April 12, from Reuters, about this stated in the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

It is reported that it was 31-year-old resident of the province of Suez, Mahmud Hassan Mubarak Abdullah (Abdullah Hassan Mubarak).

April 9, in the churches of Egypt within a few hours of two explosions occurred. This morning a bomb on themselves activated past the main temple of Tanta during the service the bomber, killing about 30 people, another 80 were wounded.

Later another bomber blew himself up near the entrance to the Church of Alexandria, the victims were 17 people, including four police officers who stopped the terrorist and not let him inside, that has allowed to avoid a large number of dead and wounded

Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.