The interior Minister of Poland made the construction of camps for migrants

Mariusz Blashak

The interior Ministry of Poland is considering the construction of camps for migrants. About it reports Reuters with reference to the head of the interior Ministry Mariusz Blaschka.

“My goal is to ensure the safety of poles, said Blashek in one of the shows. — We also need to prepare for the worst, which I hope will not happen. The worst is the crowd of migrants, which can flood Poland”.

The Minister also endorsed the practice of building camps for refugees from the containers, surrounded by barbed wire. “It is perfectly acceptable for an emergency, and it worked perfectly in Hungary”, — he explained.

Blascak also said that in Poland there is a terrorist attack, because “the poles rejected the decision taken by the previous government agreed to accept thousands of migrants — the so-called “refugees””.

Poland along with other Visegrad four countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) is categorically against the initiative of the European Union to set quotas for member countries on the admission of refugees. The position of Warsaw has repeatedly been criticized by European officials.