TFR proposes to impose pre-trial blocking of accounts of suspects for 30 days

TFR proposes to impose pre-trial blocking of accounts of suspects for 30 days

The investigators should be able for pre-trial blocking of accounts of suspects, defendants and the close relatives of passing on cases of corruption citizens for up to 30 days, said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin.

The relevant changes he proposes to amend the code of Criminal procedure. “The investigation practice often there were cases when during the procedure validation when setting the property of the audited entity undertook actions to his concealment. This led to the fact that at the time of the initiation of criminal proceedings and receipt by the investigator of information on request, and a court imposing a lien on the property, it quickly was realized to third parties, including close relatives”, — explained his initiative Bastrykin.

The Chairman of the RCDS are again offered to return to the question of confiscation as a criminal sanction. Now the removal of the property transferred to the accused, their relatives, spouses, former spouses or third parties is allowed if they knew about his criminal background. Bastrykin proposes to “provide for the possibility of confiscation in cases when it is determined that the property transferred free of charge, regardless of awareness about the real source of his origin.”

According to TFR in 2016, the Committee checked the 35,000 reports of corruption crimes, which were 23 000 criminal cases. Over more than 12 500 criminal cases on corruption. The court directed the approximately 6,000 cases of bribery. To criminal responsibility for corruption crimes were attracted 592 persons possessing special legal status. The state was reimbursed nearly 3 billion rubles amounting To almost 18 billion rubles seized property of the accused is 80% of the amount of damage caused by them. In 2015, the figure was 42%.