Scientists spoke about how “slow” time in the holidays

Scientists spoke about how “slow” time in the holidays

Scientists have described two ways to slow down in human consciousness of time. This, in particular, can help travelers stretch their vacation, says the British newspaper the Telegraph.

American neuroscientist and writer David Illman (David Eagleman) says that one method of time dilation is extreme, shocking experiences, for example, falling from a great height.

The researcher explains that in case of danger, the brain focuses entirely on a critical situation. This leads to the fact that the memories become clearer, brighter and more detailed than usual. When the person scrolls in memory of this event, it seems that it lasted longer than it actually is.

Thus, people who want to stretch while on vacation, is to do extreme activities — for example, bungee jumping or skydiving.

The second way of manipulating the perception of time invited a psychology Professor from the City University of Leeds in the UK, Steve Taylor (Steve Taylor). According to him, perception of time associated with the processing of brain information. The more data a person receives, the slower, as it seems, the time flows.

In this regard, the psychologist recommends to travel in previously unexplored places, to try new things and make new travel friends, saturating yourself with information.

While the events should be treated carefully and thoughtfully, which also affects slowing in the brain of the time, he said.