ROC dubbed the vulgarity a series of luxury iPhone7 with the Orthodox symbolism

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) gave the blessings to the sale of luxury version iPhone7 “Save and protect” with religious symbols. A new series of the head of the press service of the Patriarch father Alexander Volkov in his Facebook called “vulgarity”.

“The phrase “in the ROC have blessed…” is pure deception, because such a formulation need the blessing of the Patriarch or Synod, which, of course, can not be in principle against such things,” wrote wolf.

“Aggressive advertising campaign of the manufacturer is certainly justified from his point of view, by any means, but to do so is just not fair,” — said the priest. He explained that the actions of the hierarchy do not reflect the position of the entire Church. Previously, the release device was blessed by Bishop of Gorodets and Vetluga Augustine.

Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev also opposed the gadget with such a design. “I wish the manufacturers and purchasers of such toys braked and put your energy into something useful. So strange to boast the Christian jewels. It is much aided, not only pride,” said Kuraev National news service (NSN). He recalled that the phone is worn in the rear pants pocket. “If there is the icon or the text of the prayer, looks kind of weird,” added the archdeacon.

Decorated with jewels smartphones iPhone7 with religious symbols introduced Caviar a Russian company. The Deluxe version of the gadget is released for Easter and is devoted to prayer “Our father” and “Save and Protect”. The device was consecrated in Gorodetsky Fedorovsky monastery.

In June 2015, Viborg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church presented the project of Orthodox cases for smartphones and tablets with quotations from the Holy Scriptures. Bible accessories, the diocese offered to hand out as “consolation prizes” for winners of competitions or active young people.