Putin criticized NATO for its lack of real transformation


RIA Novosti

Despite sounding statements, the real NATO’s transformation does not occur, the Alliance continues to live in the paradigm of the bloc confrontation, remains very ideological, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“NATO was created during the cold war and the confrontation between the two blocks. Now the situation is different. There is no separation on ideological grounds between the States and in Europe including. But these birthmarks of the cold war, they are in NATO is very noticeable. This organization continues to live within the paradigm of the bloc confrontation. Indeed, it is very ideological, despite various statements that it should be transformed into modern terms. We’ve heard a lot of such statements, but still the real transformation we do not see”, — Putin said in an interview with TV company “Mir”.

According to him, unlike the Alliance, the CSTO was created in new conditions, for the relief of contemporary threats — terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking, cross-border crime.

“So, maybe we have no direct joint purely political or politically motivated statements. We have and the decisions are taken by consensus. And it is not formally, but in fact, it is in fact consensus. We have a totally different atmosphere in the organization. We are trying, as I said, having arisen in completely different new realities, first of all, to focus on real threats to the joint fight against these real threats. Nevertheless, we can’t pass things of this nature that pose a threat to the world,” the President said.

“For example, we spoke repeatedly about his opposition to the deployment of missile defense systems, the deployment of weapons in space and so on. That is such a fundamental global issues we believe it is possible to formulate your overall approach, and we do,” he said.