Operator REN TV was not allowed in Estonia forum


RIA Novosti

Estonia was denied entry operator REN TV channel Ilya Omelchenko, who went on a lighting forum “Open Russia”, reported on the website of the channel.

“Estonian border guards have denied entry operator REN TV Ilya Omelchenko, heading for an editorial job at the forum “Open Russia”, – stated in the message.

On the website States that the film crew went to Tallinn with all necessary documents – the journalists had the passport with the business visa, as well as accreditation for the event, “decorated with observance of all formalities”.

Moreover, as noted on REN TV correspondent channel allowed on the territory of Estonia, and the operator similarly documented – no. As the reasons for the refusal, the border service said the “absence of documents confirming the purpose and conditions of stay in the country,” after which the employee channel passport was taken, the report said.

Now, according to REN TV, Ilya Omelchenko awaiting a decision on deportation in a transit zone of Tallinn airport. “According to him, airport officials said that a return ticket to Moscow, the operator will have to pay for itself,” the message reads.

“Such unfounded actions of the border suggest that the incident may have political implications,” believe on REN TV.