Media revealed the plans of the US to deter North Korea

The American authorities have developed a layered strategy to counter the nuclear program of North Korea. On Thursday, April 13, according to Reuters.

First of all we are talking about diplomatic and economic sanctions, but it is possible and coercive methods.

Provides for the imposition of an embargo on oil supplies to the DPRK and a ban on the export of North Korean seafood and coal. North Korean aircraft may not be allowed to cross the airspace of other States, and ships to enter foreign ports.

It is noted that some sanctions may be imposed by the UN.

Currently the Korean Peninsula is moving strike group United States Navy led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. In Seoul fear that the new provocation by North Korea will provoke the U.S. to deliver on the DPRK military strike that could lead eventually to full-scale war in the region.

On 13 April the newspaper the New York Times reported that North Korea may conduct a new nuclear test April 15 — to 105-th anniversary of the birth of North Korean state founder Kim Il sung.

Pyongyang, according to TASS, had conducted five underground nuclear tests: one test in 2006, 2009 and 2013 and two in 2016.