In the Museum of St. Isaac’s Cathedral said the timing of the evacuation prior to transmission of the ROC

The Director of the State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” Nikolai Burov in an interview with “the” has denied rumors that the transfer of the building the ROC is scheduled for July 12. According to him, even if you declare an emergency evacuation of the exposition, it would take 188 days.

“I don’t know who started this rumor. I’m waiting for official documents and orders. When such will be, then we’ll talk about further actions. While no papers in my hands no,” said Boers.

According to the Director of the Museum, speaking on a reasonable time frame, which involves creating your own repository, then the process of moving to a new place may take two years.

Nikolai Burov sure that if a referendum on the transfer of the Cathedral will take place, the required number of signatures for the preservation of the Museum will be collected. However, he found it difficult to imagine how authorities react to such a referendum.

On 13 April a number of media, citing sources close to the Russian Orthodox Church, reported that the administration of St. Petersburg allegedly discussed the timing of new St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church. As the date when it announced the decision, called 12 July — Holy apostles Peter and Paul.

Earlier Nikolay Burov has already denied the information that the St. Petersburg authorities ordered him to clean the Cathedral from Museum exhibits to Easter. The press service of the Governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko refused to comment on these reports.