In Spain detained has been granted asylum in the EU member of the political Council of the Karelian “Apple”

In Spain detained has been granted asylum in the EU member of the political Council of the Karelian “Apple”

Moscow. April 13. INTERFAX.RU — Spanish police have detained a businessman and member of the political Council of the Karelian branch of party “the Apple” Vasily Popov, accused in Russia of fraud and was granted political asylum in Finland, told “Interfax” on Thursday, his wife Anastasia Kravchuk.

According to her, April 5, the Finnish police returned Popov’s passport. “He bought a ticket to the sea to Spain and on April 7 took off. Quietly passed passport control. April 12 in the hotel came to him by the police, he was detained”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Kravchuk stressed that from the Interpol wanted list, her husband was excluded and a half ago.

She added that the lawyer has already contacted the Ministry for foreign Affairs of Finland and told about the incident, but the situation is complicated by the fact that the Consulate of Finland in Spain is not working in connection with the Passover, the office will be opened only next week. Kravchuk hopes that her husband will be returned to Finland.

Earlier it was reported that in may 2015, Popov was arrested in absentia by the Petrozavodsk city court in the case of fraud with municipal property. He was declared internationally wanted. In February 2017 the Finnish authorities provided Popov political asylum for four years.

According to the investigation, from 2011 to 2014, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Karelia Anastasia Kravchuk, the Deputy of the Petrograd Soviet Olga Zaleska (“Apple”) and the General Director TD “Lentorg,” Alexander Kornilov, deceiving and abusing the trust of officials of the municipality of Petrozavodsk and management of Federal registration service, has acquired the right to building, which housed the municipal enterprise “Petropit”. In fact, the building was purchased by Anastasia Kravchuk on the auction, she was the only participant of the competition. The Director of “Petropit” at the time was Selecka.

As noted by the CCJ, if the market value of the building in excess of RUB 61 million, it was purchased in 18 excess of 61 million rubles., Petrozavodsk was caused damage amounting to more than 42.7 million RUB over the Organizer of the fraud, according to investigators, is considered to be priests.

Currently, the court continues to consider the criminal case against Kravchuk, Zaleckas and Kornilova.