In Senegal in a fire at a Muslim festival killed more than 20 people

At least 22 people were killed and 87 were injured in a fire at a Muslim festival held in the South-East of Senegal. On Thursday, April 13, reports the Indian Express.

It is noted that the fire started on Wednesday evening when the believers gathered in the town of Medina Geass. The flames quickly spread to the thatched roofs of the tents that were built by the pilgrims.

According to the publication, 20 of the injured are in serious condition: some serious burns, others were injured in the stampede triggered by panic.

The cause of the fire becomes clear.

On 2 April in a fire at a karaoke bar in the town of MagwaY in Central Myanmar killed 15 people. According to rescuers, at a bar located in a residential building, was not provided a sufficient number of emergency exits. Residents of neighboring houses said that the school opened a month ago.