In Moscow hosted the talks, Lavrov and Tillerson

In Moscow hosted the talks, Lavrov and Tillerson

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. In Moscow negotiations of head the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, and U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson. The meeting lasted about five hours.

Among the main topics of discussion included the Syria, Ukraine, North Korea and bilateral issues. After the meeting, Tillerson returned to the hotel, having refused from communication with journalists.

Moscow is open for cooperation

The diplomats ‘ talks began. As soon as the Ministers entered the hall of the House of receptions the Ministry of foreign Affairs, American journalists began to shout questions to the Russian Minister, though this format has a press conference.

“Who taught you?” — responded to Lavrov. He had to repeat the question before members of the media heard it. Then in the room finally became quiet.

Before the meeting, Lavrov stressed that Moscow has accumulated a lot of questions on the recent statements of the United States relating to bilateral relations and international issues. Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States on a constructive and equal basis.

That has been our consistent line that it is formed only in line with international law and not under the influence of momentary conjuncturally Lavrov

Moscow considers counterproductive to withdraw into a closed Alliance, the Minister said. According to Lavrov, “this position ever again to our American colleagues and well known in Washington, including you.”

He also called the visit Tillerson “timely,” because it allows “openly and honestly to try to clarify the prospects for cooperation on all issues, particularly the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front.”


US Secretary of state, for its part, expressed hope that his meeting with Lavrov, will help Moscow and Washington to engage in an open dialogue, and will also allow you to “explain and Express the points” on which the positions of Russia and the USA diverge.

“This meeting comes at a really important moment for us, when we try to explain each other’s positions and talk about those areas in which our goals and our challenges are shared and our interests are the same, despite the differences in tactical approaches,” said Tillerson.

He added that the meeting is expected to discuss “a number of very broad and very important issues.”

Putin took Tillerson and Lavrov

Meet Tillerson, President Vladimir Putin has not been clear until the last moment, however, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not rule out this possibility.

“If in the course of the day see fit to report on the outcome of these negotiations to the head of state, we will inform you accordingly…”, — said Peskov on a question of journalists.

Later it became known that the meeting did take place — Putin met in the Kremlin and Tillerson Lavrov after talks with the foreign Ministers.