Germany promised support to Serbia in the EU accession

Sigmar Gabriel

Berlin promised to support the application of Belgrade for membership in the European Union. On Wednesday, April 12, according to Reuters.

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, after talks with the elected Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called Serbia “a factor of stability in the Balkans”. He said that Germany would vote in favor of EU membership, but Belgrade must first carry out reforms and to normalize relations with the partially recognized state of Kosovo. The Minister said that could not name the exact date when Serbia will apply for membership in the European Union.

Throughout Serbia now are mass protests, which involved mostly young people. Protesters claim that the election results were falsified and call on Vucic to give up the post of the President. In addition, they require the resignation of the Chairman of the Parliament Maya gojkovic.

The victory of Vucic became known on 3 April, he scored more than 57 percent of the vote. The President of Serbia is elected for five years, he performs mainly representative functions.