Taiwan will ban eating cats and dogs

Tajvanjskij Parliament adopted an amendment to the animal protection act, which prohibits the eating of dogs and cats and selling their meat. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

Violators face a fine in the amount of 8.1 thousand dollars and publication of personal data and images. In addition, those who intentionally hurt cats and dogs harm, as a result they get injured, or lose any of the bodies or die, can spend in prison to two years and to pay as a fine of two million new Taiwan dollars (65.2 thousand USD). At the moment, they can be sentenced to a year in prison and twice to a lower fine.

Before the document becomes law, it must be signed by the President and the Prime Minister.

Now the consumption and sale of dog and cat meat is prohibited by a decision of the local authorities only in some parts of Taiwan.

In Hong Kong, killing dogs and cats for human consumption is prohibited and is punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and a fine of $ 640, although the eating of their meat is not pursued. The rest of the territory of China, the eating of meat of these animals is not prohibited. Moreover, in Yulin held annually a festival for lovers of dog meat, timed to the summer solstice. According to estimates by animal rights activists, a year in China eat 10 to 20 million dogs. Activists demand urgent adoption of the law on the protection of animals.