Scientists have named a new useful feature fresh fruit

Scientists have named a new useful feature fresh fruit

British and Chinese doctors have shown that eating fresh fruit is associated with a lower risk of developing diabetes and its complications. A study published in the journal PLOS Medicine.

People who ate lots of fresh fruit, rarely faced with diabetes and its complications. The likelihood of developing the disease was reduced in average by 0.2 per cent over five years.

In patients with diabetes, but consume a lot of fruits, the risk of death was reduced by 1.9 percent over the same period.

To such conclusions experts have come within seven years watching 500 thousand people registered in the database CKB (China Kadoorie Biobank). Scientists monitor the condition of patients with diabetes, as well as register new cases.

According to the authors, despite the fact that there are many works devoted to study the effect of fresh fruit consumption on health, their study is the first focused exclusively on diabetes and its complications. Scientists note that their findings are at least fair to residents of Asia, traditionally when the disease diabetes people eat less fruit.