Putin compared the US allies with the Chinese dolls

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the allies of the United States into mindless support for missile strike on Syrian airbase. He declared it in interview to TV channel “Mir 24”.

“What was the reaction of the NATO allies? All nod, as the bobbleheads without analyzing anything that is going on. Where is the evidence of Syrian army use chemical weapons? No. And violations of international law is. It is an obvious fact,” Putin said, commenting on the rocket attack USA.

The head of state emphasized that the evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces is not represented. However, violations of international law is obvious, since the attack on a sovereign country was done without sanctions of the UN Security Council.

Putin also compared the events in Syria with events of 2003 in Afghanistan when the invasion of the middle Eastern country has been used far-fetched pretexts.

“The country is destroyed, by the way, it was after this began the rapid growth of various terrorist organizations, movements, emerged of ISIS (terrorist group “Islamic state”, banned in Russia — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) is the same as other organizations. Know it all, understand it all, but again stepping on the same rake”, — concluded Putin.

On the eve of the Russian President, commenting on the allegations by Western countries to the Syrian authorities, have resulted in a modified quote from the novel “the Twelve chairs” by Ilf and Petrov “Boring girls”.

April 4 at controlled Syrian opposition Khan shaykhun unidentified aircraft were dumped chemical munitions, killing at least 70 people and hundreds were injured. Washington was accused of organizing the attack, the official Damascus, then the us military by order of the President of Donald trump has struck cruise missiles on a government air base Shirt.