Moscow stated the rudeness and primitive in the rhetoric of the United States

Sergei Ryabkov

Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that accusatory, which are the counterparts of the US and other Western countries is the only thing that Moscow finds in their statements. The words of a diplomat on Wednesday, April 11, RIA Novosti reported.

“Generally primitive and rudeness is something that is very peculiar to the current rhetoric coming from Washington. Let’s hope that the primitive and rudeness will not be the content of American policies,” Ryabkov said ahead of the talks between the foreign Ministers of the United States and Russia, adding that Moscow’s desire to see American counterparts “to push some ready-made conclusions.”

On the night of 7 April by order of the President of the United States Donald trump was hit with cruise missiles at the airfield shirt used by government forces in Syria. To this end, Washington has accused Damascus in the use of toxic substances during the air attack in Idlib province on April 4, which killed dozens of people. The Syrian authorities deny these allegations.