More than 80 key politicians of Brazil became suspects on the case of corruption

More than 80 key politicians of Brazil became suspects on the case of corruption

Among the suspects are the head of the civil Chancellery of the President of Malaga cf Padilla and Secretary General of the presidential administration of Wellington Moreira Franco.

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 12. /Offset. TASS Darya Yuryeva/. The judge of the Federal Supreme court (FVS) of Brazil Edson Fuckin authorize the commencement of an anti-corruption investigation against 83 key politicians in the country, including nine Ministers of the government formed by the President of the South American Republic Michel Temer.

The corresponding list was published on the official website of the Supreme judicial authority.

According to him, among the suspects, foreign Minister Aloizio Nunez, head of the civil Chancellery of the President of Malaga cf Padilla (who has the status of Minister), Secretary-General of the presidential administration Wellington Moreira Franco (has the status of Minister), Minister for urban development, Bruno araújo, Minister of science and technology Gilberto Kassab, Minister of culture Roberto Freire, Minister of national integration elder with Barbalho, Minister of industry, development and foreign trade Marcus Pereira and Minister of agriculture, livestock and supply Blaire Maggi.

Other names

In addition, the investigation was initiated against 29 senators, 42 deputies of the lower chamber of the national Parliament and three governors. Among them — the heads of the upper and lower houses of the Brazilian Parliament, Eunicia Oliveira and Rodrigo Maia.

Some of the suspects mentioned in several criminal cases. In particular, we are talking about the Chairman of the Party of Brazilian social democracy, Senator Aecio Nevis, which in 2014 was a candidate for the presidency of Brazil, but lost in the second round, Dilma Rousseff.
The total number of criminal cases which will be investigated FVS has reached 74, however, in some cases in the same investigation appear in two to three politics.

In mid-March it became known that the attorney General of Brazil, Rio de Jano turned to DIF countries with a request to authorize initiation of an investigation against 83 politicians on charges of corruption. The names of the defendants in the so-called list of Jano, which local journalists have nicknamed “Pandora’s box Brazilian policy”, officially still not disclosed as constituting secrecy of the investigation. In addition, the attorney General has prepared another 211 requests the initiation of an investigation against suspects who do not have immunity, and therefore their cases should be dealt with in the courts of lower instances.

The story of corruption scandal

Requests of the public Prosecutor about the investigations was formed on the basis of the testimony of top managers of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

In late January, the Chairman of WEF Brazil Carmen lucía approved the transaction employees of the company with the investigation in the cases related to corruption. Previously, many Brazilian media reported that the evidence could compromise a number of current and former representatives of the government.

In December 2016, the U.S. Department of justice announced that Odebrecht, the Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $3.5 billion to the United States, Brazil and Switzerland to ensure that they were cleared of charges of corruption. In the testimony of the construction company, in particular, it was said that in the period 2001 to 2016, she and her associates gave about $788 million in bribes in 12 countries.

Odebrecht as the largest construction company in South America, was one of the main contractors of the state oil and gas company Petrobras. In June 2015, President Marcelo Odebrecht, Odebrecht were arrested by the Federal police of Brazil as one of the suspects in the case of corruption in the energy giant.

Associated with the Petrobras corruption scandal for almost three years remains in Brazil at the centre of public attention. The police believe that members of the criminal financial schemes have stolen from the budget of the company several billion dollars. During this time the detention center was visited by dozens of top managers of Petrobras, many of whom agreed to cooperate with the investigation and testified against the business and political elite of the country in exchange for a reduced sentence. Among the defendants in high-profile cases — more than 60 politicians, including current and former parliamentarians, party leaders and governors.