“Don’t worry, it’s not you, I was shot at”

“Don’t worry, it’s not you, I was shot at”

Twice hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Leonov told in his new book about the unknown details of the death of Gagarin and the assassination attempt on Brezhnev.

On cosmonautics Day, April 12, first person in space, Alexei Leonov will present a book of memoirs “the first Time. My destiny — I myself.” It is released by AST and talks about the great era of the space race of superhuman and infinite space romance. “Izvestia” published excerpts from the book, which is a member of the first cosmonaut tells the story of the investigation into the death of Gagarin and unknown details of the assassination attempt on Brezhnev.

“The people who worked on the Commission knew the truth”

Around the death of Yuri are still a lot of innuendo. To investigate the state Commission was created. Of the seven people who were in it, only two left now: me and Stepan Mikoyan test pilot, Lieutenant General aviation, the son of the Commissar Anastas Mikoyan. We were to investigate how professionals involved.

By results of work was done in a very strange statement: that the training of the MiG-15, piloted by Gagarin, a sharp maneuver is made associated with the lapel of foreign objects: a flock of geese, assume that an air balloon, and the corkscrew snapped. As a result, faced with the land and the crew died….Alexei Leonov”first. My fate — I”

But as an expert, I categorically was not agreed. At the time of the disaster with my “moon” a group of skydiving near Kirzhach, practiced. We blast and supersonic hear — they came almost simultaneously — and the direction determined where it came from. Later, the wreckage they found. To the place of death arrived for the night. The remains of the children were seen (together with Yuri killed the test pilot 1st class Colonel Vladimir Seregin). From them what little is left. No, how? To determine what they can be. Clothing — blue jacket jacket Seregina found, the fragment of a body with a birthmark — I have it on the neck of the Jura before, when we have a Barber was seen. It’s such a terrible memory….

I have three farmers interviewed who indicated that low-flying plane seen. During the investigative experiment, they independently from each other among a dozen models in the full scale su-15 was identified. According to them, from the tail of his first smoke, then fire, and it soared into the clouds. Clearly, this is not the plane of Gagarin.

We know that in the day of 27 March 1968, Gagarin and Seregin were at the height of 10 thousand meters to fly, and above — test of the su-15 that took off from the pilot of the airfield Flight research Institute in Zhukovsky, took place.Alexei Leonov”first. My fate — I”

In short, the pilot of the fighter-interceptor regime violated: descended below the clouds, the scenery looked so often do, then the afterburner turned on and the clouds near the plane of Gagarin, not seeing him at supersonic speed passed. An indignant stream of the su-15 training the MiG-15 turned into a deep spiral driven.

I thought that any criticism of the official version does not stand up, but I said then: here for serious examination — not a nuisance, Colonel. Still with the conclusion of the state Commission, I disagreed and, as it turned out, was right — the rest are all lies. In 1991 when the 30th anniversary of the first manned flight into space was celebrated, the death of Gagarin talked all and Sundry, and the version put forward the most absurd: that the pilots allegedly were drunk, what they hunted… to Render it impossible, and we the leadership of the country asked the Commission collected documents and re-open the investigation to conduct. We were allowed.

After that, using modern computer technology, wind tunnel, academician Sergei Mikhailovich Belotserkovskii checked.

Calculations confirmed that the aircraft, flying at speeds of 750, could go down for 55 seconds with a height of 4.2 thousand meters to zero, only after entering into a deep spiral. Only one route possible (one!), others in these data just don’t fit.Alexei Leonov “first. My fate — I”

By the way, among the documents about the investigation of the disaster their act I found — it’s something that has been completely rewritten, and the interval between the supersonic and the explosion from 1.5−2 seconds to 15-20 was increased: this was supposed to mean that the distance between the aircraft was 50 km and the su-15 not guilty.

In 2013, I appealed to Putin: “Vladimir Vladimirovich! 45 years have passed since then, as Yuri Gagarin died, the documents open”. Opened.

All, as I said the unauthorized aircraft near the “spark” has passed, turned it over, and then asked me the name of the test pilot not to call….Alexei Leonov “first. My fate — I”

Incidentally, he is alive. He is over ninety. In 1988, a Hero of the Soviet Union was… it Turned out that the head of cosmonaut training Nikolai Kamanin knew it, the aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev knew, but when the letter of comrades who my side was confirmed by the first Deputy Chairman of Military-industrial Commission under the Council of Ministers of the USSR Nikolai Stroyev got (1954-1966, he was the chief of LII), he ordered: “this Question is not lift — off the pilot. He unintentionally did.”

Here’s what actually happened. Now mystery in this, but there is carelessness and the violation of the flights, but saddens me more: that people who worked in the Commission knew the truth, but pretended that it is not.

I would like to know the truth about the death of Gagarin. I was fighting alone since 1968, something to prove. I, as an expert invited to work in the Commission, wrote his vision of what happened, was present at the investigation and heard everything, I was 13 km from the crash of Gagarin. Now I was given the opportunity to declare the true reason provided that I will not mention the name of the pilot who broke the discipline and created an emergency situation.

I gave my word that you will not name. But he is guilty. He had to fly at the same height, and he went down. As I spoke, and in the open air… And tell us all what the cause of death of Gagarin? Nobody wants to know.Alexei Leonov “first. My fate — I”

“God saved you, Leon”

22 January 1969 I was in the car, attacked an officer Viktor Ilyin during the assassination attempt on Brezhnev. It just so happens that in the car with the astronauts got a bullet that was meant Leonid Ilyich… He then approached me at the reception and asked to see the bullet hole in my overcoat. And what am I? Time the General Secretary of the CPSU asking, went to the locker room, and I showed him the bullet hole, flying at a tangent. Brezhnev was very confused.

He looked at it, and said, “don’t worry, it’s not you, I was shot at”. Comforted….Alexei Leonov”first. My fate — I”

Ballistics later conducted a review and found that I miraculously hooked. And said, “God Saved you, Leon”. I said, “So I’ll pray…”.

This Ilyin managed in just a few seconds to shoot 16 times. The first bullet hit the head of the driver, and I turned sharply in his direction. If continued to sit in the same position, the next shot would have flown exactly me in the head. Another was the stomach, the third one grazed his coat on the left side of the chest, the fourth landed in the upholstery behind him. Like somebody actually took a bullet from me….

People from a distance of 9 m from two pistols point-blank shot… In the 9th Directorate of the KGB probably knew about the impending attack, Ilyin was looking for, he’s left his military unit in Leningrad, taking two guns and four stores to them. Therefore, at the entrance to the Kremlin with Brezhnev car (with him there was Kosygin) separated from the convoy and went to the Spassky gate, and through the Trinity gates fired the machine where the astronauts sat in the front — the driver and the security officer the coast, in the Central seat — we the Coast (he right, I left), rear — Tereshkova and Nikolayev. We have the exact same car was like Brezhnev, — ZIL-111.

From the Trinity gates in a cordon and stood dressed in a blue police uniform Ilyin. He missed the first ZIL-111 and opened fire on the second, being sure that the firing at Brezhnev.

Honestly, there’d have to sit security officers in bullet-proof vests, but in their place I turned out to be… He had three bullets in me released… As ballistics said all the bullets hit had to, but it happened anyway….Alexei Leonov”first. My fate — I”

At first I didn’t understand at all. The first bullet hit the windshield, and the security officer was a cut eyebrow. I turned to the security officer in disbelief: “Kostya, did we break something?” Only after that I saw a man with two Makarov pistols… Saw the terrible black hole in the back of the driver… then I thought, “no, that’s it!” When the driver was killed, the car began to back up. Coast got to hand brake and stopped her. So it happened: the car was jerking back and forth, and one bullet so passed, and another… Like some higher power kept me.

I really had nowhere to go. One side of the door, front back and rear back, on the right Coast. Thought: when the bullets run out? There is one gun on the stop stood up. The thought flashed: “have less!”, and when the other stood up, sighed with relief: “Well, okay”. And he still managed to fire in a sentry-box. Motorcyclist rushed at him, so he hit him with a motorcycle last shot. At that instant from the crowd, the commandant of the Chuguev flight school popped up (how he got there, nobody knows), to Ilyin jumped up and wrung his hands. Incidentally, the College he graduated from — and that’s how it all intertwined….

Tereshkova and Nikolayev were sitting in the back, and there is no window. They didn’t see anything. Coast from arrow I was covering, so he had to kill me, and then his shooting on the left was carried home with me (it took fifteen years) brought this arrow Ilyin. Ask forgiveness. Needless to say, in you were aiming for, I wanted to spare the country from the usurper. Well, they say he’s a usurper… And he asked: “What do I do now?”. I told him: “You killed a man, and he had two children. Find the widow of the driver, whom you killed, children left without a father. Their feet fall, beg forgiveness… please Help somehow if you can…” that was the conversation. This was not Illin the mentally ill, as it was written. Absolutely normal, adequate. Served my time. Already in the 1990-ies it released from the psychiatric hospital, and he was very sorry that the innocent driver deprived of life….

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