65% of respondents considered Russia to be a leader in space exploration

65% of respondents considered Russia to be a leader in space exploration

Moscow. April 12. INTERFAX.RU Two — thirds of Russian citizens (65%) believe that the country maintains the leading position in cosmonautics, and I say that for them personally it is important primacy in space exploration, according to Fund “Public opinion”.


Over the past five years, the evaluation of leadership of Russia in space exploration has increased significantly from 33% in 2012.

At the same time, every fifth Respondent said that the country lost its leadership in this area (20%), and today she has no successes in space exploration (21%), showed the survey conducted April 9, among 1500 respondents in 104 settlements of the Russian Federation. Every second Respondent (51%) believes that today Russia has a significant progress in space exploration, including the respondents named frequent missile launches, satellites in space (7%), research program on development of space (6%), the construction of the cosmodrome “East” (5%).

According to 61% of the respondents, in 10 years Russia will occupy the leading position in cosmonautics (2012 — 31%). The opposite position is held by 14% (in 2012 — 34%). Respondents believe that space exploration needs to devote more funds than is allocated now (29%) or simply not to cut the funding (33%). To reduce the allocation of funds offer 17%, undecided 21%.

In General, according to the survey, respondents believe that Russia must conduct space research, especially together with other countries (58%), and not to engage them on their own (33%). Today in the space industry, primarily to develop technology to protect the planet from collisions with meteorites (47%) and create a new military space technology (46%), according to the Russians.

Sociologists note that people with higher education more frequently than others among the most important areas of space development are called development of new rockets for a conclusion of satellites and other objects into Earth orbit (36% of Russians in General). Young survey participants, more than others, an important running expedition to Mars (14% of Russians in General), space tourism (10%) and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (13%).

Every fourth (25%) believes the study of the solar system the main direction of development of cosmonautics for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, the survey showed, 60% of Russians listen to the news related to space exploration, no particular attention. Two thirds of Russians in a survey found out that recently the carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX the American company for the first time in history made repeated flight into space and returned safely to earth, and that in March, the Federal space Agency was recruiting astronauts for a manned mission to the moon (at 64%).

Responding to a question, 76% of Russians said that never wanted to be an astronaut, and 66% do not want to go to space as a tourist.