Trump will ask the largest U.S. companies to participate in the national restructuring

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday will meet with the heads of the twenty largest U.S. companies in the framework of the project to collect a trillion dollars on infrastructure programs. This was announced by White house spokesman Sean Spicer, Reuters reports.

The head of state, in particular, is scheduled to meet with representatives of General Motors, IBM and Wal-Mart Stores.

In the election program of the “national restructuring” trump promised to send a trillion dollars of private and public investment to repair bridges, the development of electricity grids and broadband Internet. In addition, the money will be spent on upgrading of airports, and perhaps, upgrade of the hospitals for veterans. Also in the plans of the 45th President of the United States listed the tax reform, which seems to simplify the system of charges on income and the introduction of new rules, stimulating the transfer of production to the United States.

Implementation of the program, according to trump, will create several million new jobs. In early March, trump said that the capitalization of the stock market since his election has grown by 3.12 trillion dollars, and consumer confidence peaked in the last 15 years.