The Governor of Alabama left his post due to financial irregularities

The Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama Robert Bentley (Robert Bentley) resigned from his post because of a criminal prosecution. On Tuesday, April 11, writes The New York Times.

Special Prosecutor Helen Brooks (Ellen Brooks) explained that Bentley wrote a letter of resignation in the framework of a guilty plea on two counts — he failed to report any contributions to his campaign and transferred a portion of these funds to the accounts of the subordinate, which the 74-year-old politician could be in a intimate connection. Sex scandal also destroyed the family Bentley and his wife Diane (Dianne) left him in 2015 after 50 years of marriage.

In the agreement on the plea stated that Bentley must return the funds to campaign for a total amount of 37 thousand dollars and to work 100 hours in their specialty — dermatologist. He is also prohibited from holding future public office, says the Associated Press.

Robert Bentley became Governor in 2010. In the first months of his tenure, he has been praised for actions after a tornado that caused destruction in most parts of the state. He opposed gay marriage and called for tax increases. In 2015 he was ordered to remove from the territory of the local Capitol Confederate flags decorating the memorial to the veterans of the civil war who fought for the South.