The expert called the most difficult words for Russians in the “Total dictation”

The expert called the most difficult words for Russians in the “Total dictation”

MOSCOW, 10 APR — RIA Novosti. The most difficult for the Russians in the “Total dictation” were the words “cognac” and “starlet”, said the Chairman of the expert Council of the action Natalia koshkareva at a press conference dedicated to the results of the action.

“The most difficult we had such an offer, in which both used two words — sturgeon and cognac. So I think that the word “cognac” made mistakes, because most of our members are ladies, or girls that are not so often used this drink. And I want to say that “cognac” is written with a soft and not a solid mark,” said koshkareva.

Total dictation in the office today read robot Tespian

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According to her, the second most difficult word was the word “starlet”.

“Words sterlet there were so many options that it would be difficult to list them all,” said she.

“Total dictation” is an annual event in the form of voluntary dictation for everyone. The first “Total dictation” was held in 2004 as a student campaign “glum Club” — the creative Association of the faculty of Humanities of the NSU. In 13 years of existence of the “Total dictation” has become a major international event. In 2017, the action took place in 866 towns, covering 71 countries, the participants were about 200 thousand people. The text of “Total dictation” every year exclusively for this event-creates a famous writer. This year the author of the text was Leonid Yuzefovich.

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