The DPRK promised to take “decisive action” in response to “US provocations”

The DPRK promised to take “decisive action” in response to “US provocations”

Pyongyang will take “strong action” in response to the actions of provocateurs, said the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK, published in the Central Newspapers of the country. So the office has responded to the US decision to send to the coast of the Korean Peninsula strike group of the Navy.

Pyongyang stated that “the insane actions of the US aimed to invade the DPRK has reached a serious phase.” The representative of North Korea’s foreign Ministry added that “Pyongyang is ready for any war that will unleash US, and Washington will bear the responsibility for the catastrophic consequences of their outrageous actions.”

We will remind, the decision to send a battle group Navy to the shores of the Korean Peninsula was adopted at the last moment: before the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and a support group had to go from Singapore to Australia. The necessity of such a step justified by the official representative of the Pacific command of the US forces Dave Benham, called the nomination of the squadron “measure to ensure security and maintaining a presence in the Western Pacific ocean.”

The military build-up in response to the DPRK’s test of a ballistic missile is accompanied by statements about the readiness to take decisive action against States that undermine international security, Syria, North Korea and Iran.