Scientists urged to kill deer and eat their meat

Scientists urged to kill deer and eat their meat

Wild deer in the UK must be killed, and their meat to sell in stores as quickly as possible to reduce the number of animals and thus save rare forest birds in the country.

This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the article in the journal of Applied Ecology.

Zoologists and ecologists from the University of Nottingham in 2008, hired the authorities — to find out what is the reason for the extinction of forest birds such as warblers, marsh poecile, pulaki and small speckled woodpecker. It turned out that most of the damage the birds cause the deer, ruining their habitats. In forest areas where large localized populations of deer, height to two meters from the ground vegetation is less than 68%.

Due to the lack of large predators, hunting ban and the propensity of farmers to sow winter crops (which are a valuable food source for herbivores), the deer population on the island grew to unprecedented magnitudes. But the efforts of foresters to save forest birds is not enough, the scientists.

“One culling a little. The Brits already eat venison, but mostly the meat of domestic animals. If on our table or in the shops of butchers will be, it will force people to recognize that the reindeer meat is not more exotic than beef or lamb. Ultimately, this will help to keep the ecosystem of our forests,” said study co-author Marcus Eichorn.