Roscosmos: the future of technology the return of rocket stages

Roscosmos: the future of technology the return of rocket stages

MOSCOW, 10 APR — RIA Novosti. The future returned by the first stages of carrier rockets, but now they only give a 10% saving compared to the flooded levels, and SpaceX will take time to develop the technology and prove its financial efficiency, says General Director of state Corporation “Roscosmos” Igor Komarov.


“If we talk in regards to technology reusable first stages, whether this is the future? Yes, we are sure, future. And, probably, it is necessary to say frankly that there is some lag we have in these technologies. But the state, which now are these developments, and the results show that only 10% is the savings from reuse of first stages, which declare SpaceX, show that, probably, not so fast will succeed, and efficiency issues will be solved”, — said Komarov in an interview with NTV television.

“You have to understand that the cost of insurance and risks associated with reuse in the coming years will be quite severe. And they will lead to significant costs,” — said Komarov.

He stated that Roscosmos had never considered Elon musk (founder of SpaceX) solely as a bold visionary, focused on creating a striking image, not the achievement of pragmatic goals.

“As fiction it was never, we saw his absolute pragmatism, finding weaknesses on which it is focused, and followed the path that we planned,” said General Director of the Russian space Agency.

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