Putin congratulated Russian Jews on Passover

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the Jewish Passover. On Monday, April 10, according to the Kremlin website.

“This holiday reminds about the most important milestone in the history of the Jewish people’s deliverance from centuries of slavery. Its ancient traditions are carefully kept and transmitted from generation to generation,” — said in the text of the message.

These days believers turn to the origins and values of cultural, spiritual heritage of Judaism, based on “the eternal ideals of justice, kindness, concern for one’s neighbour”, which even today have enduring universal value, said the head of state.

Life of Russian Jews, according to him, is full of many positive developments created new religious, educational centres, open museums and exhibitions. Furthermore, the community makes a significant contribution “in strengthening interethnic and interfaith peace in the country, is actively involved in the education of youth.”

Passover is one of the oldest of Jewish holidays, devoted to the main events of biblical history, which is considered the beginning of the history of the Jewish people — the Exodus from Egypt and the liberation of people from 400 years of slavery.