Putin: achievements of the Council on foreign and defense policy demanded by agencies of the Russian Federation


RIA Novosti

The achievements of the Council on foreign and defense policy (SWAP) demand the Russian government departments. This is stated in the congratulation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the participants of the 25th jubilee Assembly SWAP.

“For a quarter of a century, a Council comprised of leading Russian politicians, scientists, diplomats, military experts, representatives of business and civic leaders, is exploring the most important issues of global, regional and national agenda, gives them interesting and very useful observations and assessments,” States, in particular, the message of congratulations posted on the Kremlin website.

“For your intelligent research and discussion typical depth and diversity of analysis, the validity and foresight forecasts. Therefore, the materials and practices of the Council, including publications that appear on the pages of the magazine “Russia in global politics”, claimed the Russian government agencies and academic institutions, as well as generate significant interest abroad”, – said the President.

“I hope that the Council will continue as to effectively conduct its analytical and advocacy, will continue to actively participate in finding answers to the challenges of today – said the President. – I sincerely wish all members of the Council on foreign and defense policy new successes, good health, prosperity and all the best.”

The Council on foreign and defense policy, a non – governmental public Association, founded on 25 February 1992. Part reputable forum consists of politicians, diplomats, businessmen, scientists and journalists. Objective of the organization is to promote the development and implementation of strategic concepts of development of Russia, its foreign and defence policy.