Petersburg the bomber shortly before the attack were deported from Turkey

About Jalilov

The perpetrators of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg metro About Jalilov was deported from Turkey in December 2016. On Tuesday, April 11, the newspaper Yeni Akit.

How long the young man was in the country, the publication does not specify. We only know that after he was blacklisted, he’s about a year illegal was in Turkey.

Jalilova on the links with the terrorist underground newspaper said.

April 3 at metro St. Petersburg in the train, EN route from the metro station “Sennaya Ploschad” to the “Technological Institute”, an explosion occurred, which killed 14 people. It is established that the attack was committed by 22-year-old suicide Akbarjon Jalilov — an ethnic Uzbek from Kyrgyzstan, a few years ago, got a Russian passport.

April 7, Basmanny court of Moscow has concluded in custody until June 3 of the citizen of Tajikistan sodica Ortikova suspected of involvement in the attack.