Two-thirds of Russians approved a ban on the use of social networks to 14 years

About 62 percent of Russians support the initiative of the legislative prohibition of children under 14 years of age use social networks. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the website of the organization. Against the proposal was one-third of respondents (35 percent). The initiative of registration in social networks on the passport negatively perceived by 52 percent of respondents. The idea was supported by 39 percent of study participants. The telephone poll was conducted April 6. It was attended by 600 people, the probability of error does not exceed 4.5 percent. Earlier in April, the legislative Assembly of Leningrad region has developed a draft law “On the legal regulation of social networks”, proposes to prohibit use of the Internet to children up to 14 years. The rest of the citizens has to specify the passport data and

Putin congratulated Russian Jews on Passover

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the Jewish Passover. On Monday, April 10, according to the Kremlin website. “This holiday reminds about the most important milestone in the history of the Jewish people’s deliverance from centuries of slavery. Its ancient traditions are carefully kept and transmitted from generation to generation,” — said in the text of the message. These days believers turn to the origins and values of cultural, spiritual heritage of Judaism, based on “the eternal ideals of justice, kindness, concern for one’s neighbour”, which even today have enduring universal value, said the head of state. Life of Russian Jews, according to him, is full of many positive developments created new religious, educational centres, open museums and exhibitions. Furthermore, the community makes a significant contribution “in strengthening interethnic and interfaith peace in the country, is actively involved in the education of youth.” Passover is one of

Driving school asked me to give them the right to take the exams instead of the traffic police

Non-commercial partnership “Guild of driving schools” proposed to allow educational institutions to take the driving exam instead of the traffic police. The statement was sent to the state Duma Committee on transport, reports RT. It is noted that the idea to delegate driving schools emerged in most of the state traffic Inspectorate in 2016. Then the interior Ministry has developed the draft order, however, according to the source channel, the first version of the document from the justice Department any comments. Later, the document was corrected on April 3 and re-submitted to the Department. The coordinator of the community of motorists “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov has opposed the initiative of the “Guild of driving schools”. In his opinion, if such rules are introduced, “number of left-wing identity, which can be made out, will increase dramatically,” reports the national news service (NSN). From 1 September 2016 in Russia came into force

Eight-year-old child was killed in a shooting at a school in San Bernardino

Eight-year-old child was killed in a shooting at a school in San Bernardino Moscow. April 11. INTERFAX.RU — Eight-year-old child was killed in the shooting, which the unknown opened at an elementary school in San Bernardino, California, informs on Monday Agency Associated Press. The second victim of the shooter was a teacher. Another child is in the hospital in critical condition. In addition, the shooter killed himself — police say after the attack he was shot in the school building. Authorities believe that the children were not the target of criminal. It is reported that he was familiar with the dead teacher, and the reason for the attack could be a conflict on the household soil. In the school where the incident occurred, has about 600 children. All of them evacuated, placed in the campus, located a few miles from the school. The shooting caused panic in the city, who

Media: detained in Norway teenager from Russia could stick to radical views

Media: detained in Norway teenager from Russia could stick to radical views With the media on his page in one of social networks the detainee allegedly published images in support of terrorist attacks. OSLO, April 11. /TASS/. Norwegian authorities detained 17-the summer citizen of the Russian Federation, who is accused of illegal traffic in hazardous substances, could be on the way of initiation of radical religious views. This was announced on Monday evening broadcaster NRK, citing the public Prosecutor of the Norwegian Police security service (PST) Katrine Tunstad. With the media on his page in one of social networks the detainee allegedly published images in support of terrorist attacks. I can’t comment on it specifically, except to say that the PSB was aware of it before, and that he could be in the process of radicalization related to Islamism. Around him were created some conditions that prevent this.Katrina Testdomainorder Police

344-th Center of combat employment and retraining of pilots of army aviation. Dossier

© Alexander Ryumin/TASS April 11, the only Russian aviation group “the Eagles”, showing aerobatics at the shock Mi-28N “Night hunter”, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It is based on the 344-th Center of combat training and retraining of pilots of army aviation of the Russian Federation in Torzhok. It was formed in 1979 on the basis of the 696-th separate helicopter regiment, 359-th separate battalion of airfield logistics 439-th separate company of communication and RTO, 12th separate research helicopter squadron and 275-th separate squadron of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. In March 2011, the centre became a branch of the State center for training of aviation personnel and military trials of the defense Ministry in Lipetsk. Aviators center for many years, performed the tasks of the government in Russia and abroad in 30 countries. The personnel of the centre participated in the work of the UN peacekeeping force in Cambodia, Angola, Tajikistan,