Model Agency trump in new York will be closed

Model Agency trump in new York will be closed

Model Agency trump in new York, which is one of the divisions of the business Empire of the current President of the United States, will be closed, according to

Business partners of trump announced that the Trump Models Agency is “one of the most expensive of his creations”. Thus, the Agency will join a number of already closed enterprises of the Empire the head of the White house trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine.

Corinne Nicolas, President of Trump Models, has officially informed business partners about the closure of the Agency who have worked on the model market for 18 years. In it Donald trump owns 85 per cent of the shares. “The Trump Organisation has decided to withdraw from the modeling industry. Following the recent sale of the right to host the contest “Miss universe”, the company prefers to focus on its core business in real estate, Golf and services,” reads the letter.

Company about fifteen years ago he sold the “Miss Universe”, which also held a beauty contest “Miss USA”, the Agency WME-IMG after improper comments by Donald trump about Mexican migrants during his election campaign. In the US, while sharply criticized trump’s words, and the company’s shares lost in price. Portal Mother Jones reported last week that the Agency is on the verge of financial collapse, and the New York Post confirmed Friday that Trump Models do stop working.

The exact date of closure of the Agency are still unknown.

Earlier in the American media, there were reports that a model Agency trump has a long history of contracts with foreign models who violated immigration rules by working in the United States without work visas. In the investigation also describes in detail about how Trump Models forced their models to pay for living in crowded apartments, at the same time, by charging a large number of requisitions “on appearance”. This led to the fact that at the end of the contract some models remained in serious debt to the Agency.