Jalilova deported from Turkey a few months before the terrorist attack in the subway

Jalilova deported from Turkey a few months before the terrorist attack in the subway

Petersburg alleged suicide bomber About Jalilov was deported from Turkey in December 2016, Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit and confirmed close to the government the source of RBC.

Akbar Jalilov, a suspect in the suicide bombing in St. Petersburg metro in early April, was deported from Turkey 17 December 2016, Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit, citing unnamed sources. The exact period of his stay in Turkey is unknown, but after he was blacklisted, Jalilov a year has not been out of the country and there was illegal, indicated in the note.

Two specialists on Turkey in conversation with RBC said that the Yeni Akit newspaper is considered the “second ten”, at the same time close to the government and security forces of the country.

Information about the deportation Jalilova in December 2016 confirmed the source of RBC, close to the Turkish government. Jalilov arrived in Turkey in November 2015, and stayed there for 13 months, until December next year, said the interlocutor of RBC.

“In December 2016, he wanted to leave the country via Antalya. When he tried to do it, it became clear that the contamination exceeded the length of stay in the country, the source told RBC. — He was asked to pay a heavy fine or deportation, blacklisting and the ban to visit the country for five years. Jalilov chose the second option. To go to Russia, he had to contact the Russian Consulate General Turkey.” RBC expects a response to the request to the Consulate General.

After a double bombing in Istanbul December 11, expelled from the country many migrants pointed out RBC is one of the Turkish journalists. Jalilova on the links with the underground in the Yeni Akit article does not say, knows nothing about the relations of the St. Petersburg suicide and is close to the Turkish government the source of RBC, however, he notes that Jalilov had time to visit in Turkey, even tougher on the country’s border with Syria in 2016.

That Jalilov was in Turkey in November 2015, previously reported by Reuters with a reference to his former colleagues. Agency sources, who requested anonymity, recalled conversations between his fellow chefs about what About could go to Syria. The interlocutor of RBC in the Kyrgyz interior Ministry said that the police have no information about the suspect attempts to get there, but it does not exclude the presence of such information is at the SCNS. The press Secretary of the secret service Rakhat Sulaimanov advised RBC to ask questions in the TFR, because the victim was not a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.