In Washington declared innocence of the Syrian terrorists for the chemical attack in Idlib

In the United States declared innocence of terrorists for the chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib. On Tuesday, April 11, said the representative of the American administration, reports RIA Novosti.

“We believe that terrorists or non-state actors are not responsible for the specific attack,” he said.

The spokesman also accused the Syrian authorities of the repeated use of chemical weapons after the Declaration on the elimination of arsenals in 2013. He acknowledged that Washington has no data about the origin of the sarin used in Idlib, but the US authorities believe that Damascus has the ability to produce it, reports TASS.

In addition, the American administration claim that the spraying of toxic substances, which Washington regards as a deliberate chemical attack the Syrian government, was not the result of explosion of a warehouse with chemical weapons belonging to the militants.

Earlier on 11 April, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the accusations against Damascus concerning the use of chemical weapons in Idlib phrase from the novel of Ilf and Petrov. “I want to say: “Boring girls” — we have all seen, seen,” — he stressed.

The Russian leader has reminded that the similar situation was in Iraq in 2003. Then the representatives of the United States demonstrated in the UN Security Council chemical weapons allegedly discovered in that country, and then began on its territory military company.

April 4 at controlled Syrian opposition Khan shaykhun (Idlib province) an unidentified aircraft was dumped chemical munitions. Killing at least 70 people and hundreds were injured. Washington was accused of organizing attacks by the Syrian authorities, after the us military launched a missile attack on a government air base Shirt. Who exactly used chemical weapons, remains unclear, and Damascus is his involvement in the attack rejects.