In Moscow burned people and military equipment

Over the weekend at the site of the Russian Association of stuntman Igor Panin was practice of stunt that will take part in a large-scale presentation “Storm of Berlin” based on the events of the Second world war. They worked burning people and technology, as well as elements of martial arts.

Reconstruction of the events of the last days of world war II will be held April 23 at the Patriot Park in Kubinka. It will be attended by about a thousand enthusiasts of Russian and foreign military-historical clubs.

Executive Director of the University “synergy”, the organizer of the presentation, Vladimir Lobov said that the reconstruction is part of the educational work which the University conducts among students and youth. “Such events, we believe effective format for historical education, helping the young generation understand and be aware of the history of our country,” he said.

In the “Storming of Berlin”, the organizers promise to use a few dozen units of military equipment. Layout of the Reichstag, under construction in the Park “Patriot” will storm detachments of the representatives of military-historical clubs of Russia and all-Russian military-Patriotic public movement “Uname”. Reconstruction will also involve not less than one hundred professional stuntmen, who starred in famous films and television series.

Previously, “synergy” has already held similar events. In October 2016, with the support of the University in the Park “Patriot” held reconstruction of Brusilovsky breakthrough — the major battles of the First world war.