“I put a sandwich and made a plan of food” tells the stories of the participants of the contest “Miss Russia”

“I put a sandwich and made a plan of food” tells the stories of the participants of the contest “Miss Russia”

The girls told how they got to the competition, what do you expect from him and what do you think about the competitors.

April 15 in the concert hall “Barvikha” in the suburbs, 50 contestants will compete for the title “Miss Russia”. The winner will receive a crown of white gold decorated with diamonds and pearls, a cash prize, Hyundai Solaris, as well as the opportunity to represent the country at the contest “Miss World” and “Miss universe”.

According to the rules, contestants must have Russian citizenship, height — not less than 173 cm, they should not be less than 18 or greater than 23 years. While curvy — not a hindrance for participation.

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“We are not a modeling competition, we have a beauty contest, so we welcome girls with forms, but to make it look, after all, in harmony, — said General Director of the national contest “Miss Russia” Larissa Tikhonova. We will happily take on any girl that passes by criteria (growth and age — approx. TASS)”. However, so far applications for participation from girls size plus size have been reported, she added.

Contest Director attributes this to the generally accepted standards of beauty and stereotypes that “we have not yet overcome”.

NewsGirls of the North Caucasus will not participate in the contest “Miss Russia”

Tikhonov noted with regret that this year the competition will take part the representatives of the Caucasian republics. “Last year was the two girls who are very adequately made. But unfortunately, something happened that in social networks people are not very happy with their success. Perhaps because of this, this year, it just so happens that we have no girls from the Caucasian republics,” she said.

As for the other regions, they are, according to the Director of competition presented well enough. This year for the crown for the first time will compete representatives of Syktyvkar and Sakhalin.

The 90-year history of the competition

“Miss Russia” annual Russian national beauty contest. The first was held in Paris in 1927, originally beauties were chosen only from among the emigrants. After the outbreak of world war II the competition ceased to be and was revived only in 1989, under the title of “Miss USSR”. Since then, the contest is held annually in Moscow. From 2016 the competition is held under support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

Among the awarded the title “Miss Russia” — Oksana Fedorova, Victoria Lopyreva, Tatiana Kotova and others. Last year the competition was won by 18-year-old representative of Tyumen Yana Dobrovolskaya.

TASS spoke with four members to see what they think about their rivals, as they prepare for competition and what is expected of him.

The happy owner of 120 grandparents

Akhtyamova Albina was born in a small village krasnousolsky, Republic of Bashkortostan.

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According to her, parents from childhood taught her how to do everything with maximum efficiency. This helped the girl to finish with a medal school, then with honors from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University. Now Albina is studying in the master’s degree. The girl combines the models in the Studio “Bashkirian Beauty” and coordinator of the charity Foundation “Starost’ V radost-Ufa”, where her wards are 120 elderly women and men.

Like many girls Adamova childhood dream to feel the beauty that is shown on TV, but such a goal never before did not think about that. “I think that the main beauty is inside. So I went to the grandparents, being given to this case without a remainder”, — says the girl.

But lately, she said, to attract volunteers to the Foundation is becoming increasingly difficult. And Albina began to look for opportunities to declare the Fund and to draw attention to his work.

Told my wards old men, go, say, beauty, in the main competition.Albina Akhtyamova

“I thought, why not? I was representing their University at the all-Russian competition “Beauty of Russian Studentship in 2016.” Besides, before my eyes was the experience Gulnur Tinatawag finalists last year. Decided to try it. The Agency my idea was supported and helped. And here I am,” says the contestant.

According to Ahtamova to get to the coveted top 50, she had to try. From the organizing Committee of the girl wrote that her face is interesting, but I need to be more toned.

Just at that moment, I was going to eat a sandwich. I postponed it and the same day made a schedule of nutrition became more exercise.Albina Akhtyamova

Due to commitment for six months the girl was able to achieve encouraging results.

She already got acquainted with all participants. “They are so different, talented and beautiful! — said the girl. But really we are closer with the representative of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia Angelica Nazarova, Muscovite Xenia Alexandrova and Olga Nikolaeva (Moscow oblast)”.

Publication of the Top 50 of Miss Russia-2017 (@albina_akhtyamova) Mar 20 2017 12:14 PDT

According to Ahtamova must win the most worthy, because she’ll have the chance to represent the country at the international beauty contest, “and it’s not only an honor, but also responsibly”.

I understand that in case of victory of life will change dramatically. But it will only change for the better!Albina Akhtyamova

Athlete, future doctor in the military and simply beautiful

Anastasia Ammosova spent the preschool years in the small town of rtischevo Saratov region. He finished school with a gold medal. The girl has a set of sports achievements: candidate master of sport in Sambo, the third adult class in athletics, the second adult category in swimming and a gold badge TRP. Good shot.

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In 2016 the girl arrived in First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov, where he studied for a military doctor.

For the sake of participation in the contest Ammosov missed three weeks at the University. But she really did not want to leave school or fall behind, so she made up an individual training plan with schedule of reporting items. “I hope soon to catch up,” she says.

For more than two weeks the participant from Saratov region and other finalists live in Park-hotel “Imperial”. Girls together and relax. “Girls are all different, from age and character to the occupation and Hobbies, says Ammosov. — I think the girls around me — motivated and able to accomplish much”.

I’m different from other girls that are not engaged in modeling activities and has not participated in any beauty contests, as most of them.Anastasia Ammosova

“I believe that the contest “Miss Russia 2017” should I win, because I’m sure in their abilities to be the best among the participants, — says Anastasia. — I will try to represent Russia before the world community at the contest “Miss World” and take the crown from Puerto Rico”.

Publication of Anastasia Ammosova (@anastasiya_ammosova) APR 2 2017 10:19 PDT

The competition for national costume, Anastasia Ammosova presented output clothes of the inhabitant of the Saratov province in the late XIX century

Aspiring clothing designer and restaurateur

A native of Syktyvkar (Republic of Komi) Love Variates says that participation in the contest pushed her close. “I was always told that you should try. And suddenly I decided, fill out the questionnaire. I was immediately invited to Moscow to audition,” says the girl. According to her, when the family learned that it was the final, rejoiced even more for the most participants.

Despite her young age, Love has managed to get the owner of the Studio print on canvas. She then began developing his own clothing line and opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg. The business process does not stop because of the departure of the girl to Moscow for the contest. “Workers issues are resolved over the phone. In addition to me there are people who, in my absence do things,” she explains. Own business the girl combines with his studies at the Institute at the correspondence Department.

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Member of Komi enjoys singing and DJing, loves to travel. Able to professionally do makeup. “For the qualifying rounds, I was always preparing myself, first, I am a makeup artist, and secondly, in my opinion, the girl should be able to gather ourselves, then we are the girls” — sure Varietas.

Love notes that all the participants are completely different, starting from the appearance and ending with the inner world. “Each an interesting personality, in my opinion. But not everyone close to me in spirit and Outlook. Because each person is unique and individual. And still I consider myself a very strong character,” she adds.

“In my opinion, the winner should be very purposeful, self-sufficient and smart man. Not only professionally and “in life” smart, to be able to protect yourself, your family and your Homeland! And know what he wants from life and especially from yourself! And I believe that I am somebody!

Victory is a great success, a great responsibility. Life is definitely richer, brighter and more interesting,” said the girl.

What do bees and piano

Anastasia Tolstaya, a native of the city-resort of Anapa. In early childhood, grandpa drew her in bee-keeping. As a child, Anastasia has mastered all the stages of obtaining honey and even hand-pumped it.

Another craze is Thick. “I graduated from music school, piano class,” she says.

Publication of Anastasia Tolstaya (@anastasiatolstaya) APR 9 2017 9:55 PDT

Today, Anastasia is a student of economic faculty of the REU them. G. V. Plekhanov. “The University takes 80% of my time — says the girl. — Of course, three-week preparation for the competition at this stage is not entirely compatible with the daily activities in wusc, but I try to spend my free time usefully — reading the material that we give to teachers in my absence”.

The contest participant came at the invitation of the organizers. “The administration noticed my account in Instagram, texted me, and I agreed to go casting,” she explains.

Publication of Anastasia Tolstaya (@anastasiatolstaya) Mar 13, 2017 at 8:30 PDT

She says that does not specifically prepared for casting. “Music school, University, in-depth study of a foreign language, playing sports — this is the training, which lasted for more than one year,” she said.

Anastasia notes that her rival is not only beautiful but also very talented girl. “I can confidently say that the competition is worthy, she adds. — Each beautiful individual”.

Despite this, Fat hopes to win and gain the title of “Miss Russia”.

I would like to prove to myself and my friends, that dream can become a reality if you set a goal and planned to go to it, then everything will work out! If you like and believe will win for sure!Anastasia Tolstaya

“Competition “Miss Russia” — a great chance to prove himself! — sure participant of Anapa. — This is an incredible opportunity to Express themselves, to try themselves in something new. After the victory of the future life seems to me incredibly interesting, filled with new people and interesting meetings!”.

Tamara Kazarina