Driving school asked me to give them the right to take the exams instead of the traffic police

Non-commercial partnership “Guild of driving schools” proposed to allow educational institutions to take the driving exam instead of the traffic police. The statement was sent to the state Duma Committee on transport, reports RT.

It is noted that the idea to delegate driving schools emerged in most of the state traffic Inspectorate in 2016. Then the interior Ministry has developed the draft order, however, according to the source channel, the first version of the document from the justice Department any comments. Later, the document was corrected on April 3 and re-submitted to the Department.

The coordinator of the community of motorists “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov has opposed the initiative of the “Guild of driving schools”. In his opinion, if such rules are introduced, “number of left-wing identity, which can be made out, will increase dramatically,” reports the national news service (NSN).

From 1 September 2016 in Russia came into force a new procedure for examinations for driver’s license and obtaining the appropriate permits. In particular, the error in the theoretical part of the exam is now assigned to additional questions and the amount of exercise was increased to five.