The Russians became more sympathetic to the US, the EU and Ukraine

The Russians became more sympathetic to the US, the EU and Ukraine

A third of Russians believe that the West has more to fear from Russia.

Moscow. April 10. INTERFAX.RU — the Share of Russians with negative attitude to the USA is reduced, although still quite high: now bad this country is perceived 52% vs 64% in 2016 and 73% in 2015, reported “Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”.

Positively to the US are 37% of respondents (25% a year ago and 19% two years ago), showed the survey conducted 31 March — 3 April among 1,600 people in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

The attitude of Russians to the EU is also seen a positive trend — now the EU is good, more than a third of Russians (36% vs. 25% in 2015), bad — 53% (against 64% two years ago).

About Ukraine in a positive way to respond, 34% of respondents (25% in 2016) in the negative — 56% (previously 59%).

Belarus and China as a whole maintain a positive image in the eyes of Russians: a positive attitude towards them, 79% and 78%, respectively, negative for 13%.

Turkey 47% of Russians are good, 34% — negative.

Talking about how things have changed over the past year the attitude towards Russia and Russians abroad, 33% of respondents expressed the view that “we have more to fear” 12% “we have more to hate”. One in five (19%), in contrast, believes that in a year Russia became more respected, every tenth (10%) — that Russia began to understand. Another 19% believe that over the past year, nothing has changed.

In General, according to respondents, Russia is in Western countries the alarm (22%), fear (21%), contempt (14%). Is that Russia in the West respect, sure 15% of respondents, while 4% believe that they feel for her. Another 16% believe that Russia are without any feelings.