The Norwegian authorities raised the terrorist threat level

The Norwegian authorities decided to raise the threat level of a terrorist act in the country to “potential”. It is reported NRK.

This step was taken in connection with the upcoming may 17 celebrations on the occasion of Constitution Day — the main national holiday of Norway, coinciding with the independence Day.

“Massive events involving thousands of people, are a very attractive target for terrorists. Likely terrorist attack, if it happens at a time like this, will have important symbolic significance,” said one high-ranking police officials. In addition, the special services did not rule out attempted attacks in the coming Easter holidays.

Increased security measures imposed for a period of two months.

9 April in the capital of the Kingdom of Oslo was detained 17-the summer citizen of Russia. As the representative of the security police of Norway Signe Aalling, a young man left a small box under one of the city bridges. The bomb squad destroyed the object. Bomb experts found it difficult to say whether it was a bomb, however, noted that the explosion was louder than you would expect.