The most difficult for the participants of “Total dictation” is the word “cognac”

Most of the errors in the “Total dictation” the Russians allowed the words “cognac” and “starlet”. The Chairman of the expert Council of the event Natalia koshkareva has informed RIA Novosti news Agency.

Thus, says koshkareva, the most difficult sentence dictation, where those words were used at the same time. “I think that the word “cognac” made mistakes, because most of our members are ladies, or girls that are not so often used this drink. And I want to say that “cognac” is written with a soft and not a solid mark”, she said.

This year the holding of “Total dictation” was complicated by an international scandal. The organizers of educational activities cancelled in all areas of Ukraine due to threats and actions of radical nationalists.

The action “Total dictation” is held annually since 2004. A massive test of literacy, which involves the Russians and Russian-speaking residents of other States, was invented by students of Novosibirsk state University. Since 2010 for writing of the text of the dictation was invited the famous Russian writers, including Dean Rubin, Boris Strugatsky, Dmitry Bykov and Zakhar Prilepin.