The Kremlin has called the bill unrealistic Milonov on social networks

The Kremlin has called the bill unrealistic Milonov on social networks

The provisions developed by the Deputy Vitaly milonova of the bill on social networks unrealistic, said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the correspondent Bi-bi-si.

“I have not seen the essence of this bill, and only read in the media about the provisions that it contained possible”, — said Peskov. According to the spokesperson, these provisions are unrealistic. “Hardly here [to the Kremlin] have to take some position,” he concluded.

Earlier it became known that the Government has submitted to the state Duma the draft law “On the legal regulation of social networking”. It proposes to prohibit use of social networks for children up to 14 years.

According to the proposal of the Deputy in social networks should be made on the passport with which you can learn the age of the user.

The document also contains provisions that prohibit the registration under fictitious names, and the dissemination of screenshots of correspondence without the consent of its participants. The bill contains provisions to ban the use of social networks for dissemination of unauthorized stock and spam, as well as the restriction of advertising.

In conversation with bi-Bi-si colleagues Milonov in the “United Russia” disown the bill. According to a member of the Committee on information policy Evgeny Revenko, the Deputy had not discussed his bill nor the Committee, nor with United Russia. He Revenko called the proposal Milonov harmful.

Another source told the Russian service Bi-bi-si close to the leadership of the state Duma, said that the bill Milonov is unlikely to be adopted.

According to the poll, for a ban on children under 14 years of age use social networks deliver 62% of Russians.