The Australian rapper has gone from a restaurant to not pay the bill

The Australian rapper has gone from a restaurant to not pay the bill

Australian rapper Terry peck, nicknamed 2pec, lunch for a large sum at a fish restaurant, he tried to escape by swimming from the staff to not pay the bill.

33-year-old man appeared in court on Monday after the incident in the restaurant, Omeros Bros at surfers Paradise. It is reported that he ate there two lobsters, octopus, and oyster drank 21 shots of vodka and a few bottles of beer.

“Oh My God! He’s the one?” — the judge asked Joan white at the time of the case the man charged in the theft and assault, reports Hey-bi-si.

Gold Coast wannabe rapper criticises lobster after dine and dashing from restaurant racked up $621 bill

— ABC News Brisbane (@ABCNewsBrisbane) 10 APR 2017

The bill for lunch at the restaurant exceeded $ 450, but instead of having to pay, peck jumped into the sea and tried to swim away.

Police on jet skis went in pursuit of the rapper, who later announced that sailed to the aid of her friend, at that time, giving birth on the beach, local media reported.

Terry peck also stated that he enjoyed the lobster was overcooked. The representative of restaurant mark Hunnybun rejected criticism of the quality of the cooking, saying: “We are proud of how well we prepare our lobster”.

Australian media have already found a few examples of the creativity of the rapper, including the song “ozy ozy ozy Oy Oy Oy”.

Australia is not the only country where restaurants are faced with the problem of escaping clients.

Last month Spanish police arrested the alleged leader of a gang that committed a series of raids on gastronomic restaurants, never pay the bill.

In March the group, which included more than 100 people, ordered food and drinks for two thousand euros in the restaurant of the hotel “Carmen” in the North-West of Spain. The attackers claimed to arrange a celebratory dinner on the occasion of the christening, but then tried to escape without paying.

A similar incident a week later happened in the restaurant El Rincon de Pepin near after the “wedding reception”.