The Agency has reported a sudden reversal of the US Navy aircraft carrier to the coast of South Korea

The United States suddenly launched off the coast of South Korea strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” (Carl Vinson). On Monday, April 10, reports the news Agency “Yonhap”, citing the South Korean military.

According to them, the ships have changed the original plan to go to the ports of Australia and from Singapore heading towards the Korean Peninsula. In addition to the aircraft carrier, in the group of two destroyers and a cruiser with guided missiles capable of intercepting ballistic missiles.

The Agency indicates on the rather unusual nature of this maneuver, as the “Carl Vinson” came to South Korea less than a month ago.

On April 9 the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov admitted that Washington could launch a missile attack on military objects in the DPRK. In his view, sending the United States strike group of the Navy of the country in the area of the Korean Peninsula could push Pyongyang to “further reckless action,” the presence of American ships he called not very useful “given the necessity of establishing a negotiation process with Pyongyang”.

Earlier on Sunday it became known about sending of the strike group the U.S. Navy to the Korean Peninsula, it was noted that this measure was adopted in connection with U.S. concerns by increasing the DPRK’s military capabilities.