Shuvalov instructed to bring the rules of the road to the European

Igor Shuvalov

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov instructed the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of transport to amend the rules of the road (SDA), to bring them closer to European standards. On Monday, April 10, reports “Kommersant”.

In particular, the drivers moving through the roundabout will have a big advantage before entering the circle. “Such practice exists virtually worldwide, has proven to be more effective for traffic control. So logically its application in Russia. Moreover, many of our own citizens travel abroad by car or rent it, and the difference in traffic can only cause confusion for drivers,” — said the representative of Shuvalov.

It is also proposed to Supplement the traffic with a new term and a sign, “Area soothing movement.” In such places in the cities, pedestrians can cross anywhere and cars will be obliged to travel at a speed of 10-20 kilometers per hour.

According to SDA, at the present time in lap drivers give way to those who on him rides. In the case when a circle is a sign of “Give way”, one can skip entering the intersection.