Named heavily discounted summer destinations for passengers

Named heavily discounted summer destinations for passengers

The most depreciating direction for flights in Russia with the departure in June of the current year was Kaliningrad. Price compared to 2016 fell by 36 percent and amounted to 8.7 thousand rubles. The top 3 also included Sochi and Simferopol. Abroad shed tickets to Rome.

About it employees of tourist service OneTwoTrip has told to the correspondent “”.

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If you are booking a summer ticket to Kaliningrad from any other city of Russia and back in early April, the tourist will pay an average of 8.7 thousand rubles, which is 36 percent cheaper than a year ago.

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In second place was the flights to Sochi and back. The rates decreased by 18 percent compared to the previous year, to 10.6 thousand rubles. Close the three tickets to Simferopol that cost is 12.4 thousand rubles (minus seven percent). In General, travelling by plane in Russia in June fell by ten percent.

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As for the Russian hotels, the prices in the first summer month (when booking in April) declined by five percent. Accommodation in the hotel category of three stars in Kaliningrad will cost an average of 2.7 thousand roubles per day per person, in Sochi — 4 thousand, in the Crimea — 3.7 thousand.

Among foreign destinations the most noticeable decrease in prices in June showed the tickets to Rome. Prices (round-trip) fell compared to the same month in 2016 at 33 percent and amounted to 16 thousand rubles.

In second place is Prague — minus 28 percent, 13 thousand rubles. Closes the three Paris, travel from Russia fell by 27 percent and reached 17.6 thousand rubles. In General, the tickets abroad fell by 20-25 percent.

The cost of accommodation abroad fell by an average of 15 percent compared to last year.

According to the company HomeToGo, a place for holidays in may in Russia with the cheapest rental housing was recognized as Samara.