Kadyrov lashed out at the US over strike on Syria


RIA Novosti

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the missile attack on the United States airbase in Syria, noting that the actions of the American government opened the way for the terrorists.

“Missiles from their warships spilled the blood of civilians and made for the IG generous gift — depleted army of (Syrian President Bashar) Assad has lost up to ten aircraft. Terrorists open road. The United States has never brought peace and freedom to the peoples. Their fault killed millions of Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans. That they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the world does not dare to sue US vote. All are silent or limited to the words of “regret”, — wrote Kadyrov in his Instagram.

Publication from Ramzan Kadyrov (@kadyrov_95) APR 7 2017 5:13 PDT

A missile strike by the USA on Syria Kadyrov called threat and breaches of international law. He stressed that the fault of the Syrian authorities in the incident of chemical attack, which was the reason for the strike, not proven.

“But where is the evidence that this weapon is applied on the orders of Assad? Why Assad chemical attack, if he did not use it in the most critical time for yourself? What is the benefit of Assad of the chemical attack? He knows that the whole world will condemn such a move, know that can be hard measures,” — said the Chechen leader.

In his opinion, the actions of the American authorities in Syria and the deaths of civilians do not care about the European Parliament nor the PACE, which respond to “everyone in Russia”. The head of Chechnya said Russia’s role in the Syrian settlement. According to him, Russia “single-handedly managed to do something that they could not all the countries of the coalition”: the weakened group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), started the negotiation process, exempt of the city, assistance to the population.

The statement of the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with rocket attacks on the United States on the basis of Syria

In the night of Friday, the U.S. attacked with cruise missiles from ships on the airfield in Syria, “Sirat” in HOMS province, without any proof claiming that he had carried out a chemical attack in Idlib province. According to the Pentagon, just released 59 missiles. The Governor of HOMS said that seven people were killed: five soldiers and two civilians from the village, located at the airbase. According to the defense Ministry of Russia, two Syrian soldiers were missing, four were killed and six suffered burns in extinguishing fires. The Syrian armed forces said it killed ten Syrian soldiers.

The defense Ministry also reported that during the strike destroyed a logistics property, academic building, dining room, six were in the repair hangar of the MiG-23 radar. A RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the scene that part of the aircraft, including five fighters, had escaped, the runway was seriously injured, eight hangars destroyed along with the equipment.

The US military attacked the airbase of Syria. Footage of a missile strike

Earlier, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that the Syrian government used weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, against its own people. Assad recalled that Damascus in 2013 agreed to the destruction of its stocks of chemical weapons and today has no reserves of this type of weapons.