Johnson made the new us strikes on Syria

Boris Johnson

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson in an interview with The Sun declared that does not exclude new U.S. strikes on Syria.

Johnson emphasized that by their actions the US sent the Syrian leadership a clear signal “the Most important thing that they can do it again,” he said.

In addition, the head of the foreign office praised us President Donald trump for determination, which “lacked the last few years.”

Earlier on April 10, it became known that great Britain intends to achieve from partners in the G7 the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. The Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson will demand from Western countries “very hard sanctions in the form of punishment” for the chemical attack on rebel controlled areas. The document of sanctions prepared for the meeting of the foreign Ministers of the G7, which will be held in the province of Lucca, Italy”, reads The Times. Johnson insists that the restrictions were imposed in the case if Moscow does not abandon support for Assad.

April 8 on the website of the foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom published a message, which says that Johnson will not go on 10 April in the Russian capital because of the “radically changed situation in Syria.”

A day earlier, on the orders of the Central States attacked with cruise missiles at the airfield shirt used by Syrian government aircraft. The shelling was carried out after reports of the Syrian opposition that is loyal to the Assad forces allegedly use chemical weapons in Idlib province. Victims of the attack were dozens of people. Damascus his involvement in the incident denies.